Project: “Captain George’s cove

We named this project after the name of George M…, captain and owner of the plot.

This easy accessible plot at Melitchacha is good for all year round accommodation. With spectacular views over Telendos canal, the Aegean sea and Kalymnos mountains. View it’s location on Google Maps

View of Telendos and Myrties bay from "captain George's cove"
View of Telendos and Myrties bay from “captain George’s cove”
Mountain (East) view from "Captain George's cove"
Mountain (East) view from “Captain George’s cove”
Aegean Sea (West) view from "Captain George's cove"
Aegean Sea (West) view from “Captain George’s cove”

Potentials for building

Due to the slope of the land, houses must be at least two floors. Up to 3 houses can be set on this plot, each one with it’s own piece of land. Each house with big verandas and open parking.
The smallest recommended size is around 80 square meters for 2 bedrooms. Adding a 3rd bedroom, or one more floor, or a closed parking, or a swimming pool are all possible and optional.

The houses are available on demand. Which means that you can adjust them to you wishes and budget before their built. Following are two suggestions you can choose from as a basis to start designing your house. And of course we are open to your suggestions.

Suggestion No 1

House 83.42 sq.m., verandas 28.3 sq.m, water tank 16.78 sq.m. Total building: 128.50 sq.m.

Suggestion-No1-Floor-plansDownload Suggestion-No1-Section-planesDownload

Suggestion No 2

House 79.8 sq.m., verandas 33.6 sq.m, water tank 16.44 sq.m. Total building: 129.84 sq.m.

Suggestion-No2-Floor-plansDownload Suggestion-No2-Section-planesDownload

Building standards.

For our buildings we guarantee the following building standards:

  • Greek and European standards application.
  • Earthquake resistant.
  • The best concrete quality available on Kalymnos Island (C30/37), waterproofed.
  • 100 years steel corrosion resistance due to concrete carbonation.
  • External thermal insulation with thermal plaster for a lifetime last.
  • Energy class A houses.

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